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IN the ever-changing world of clubs, pubs and bars, its rare to find anything that can be considered constant these days.
But since I first moved to Lincoln for university in 2005, there’s one clubbing brand that’s become nothing short of a Lincoln institution.
Every Saturday night would mean only one thing – Yo-Yo indie night. For the first three and a half years of my Lincoln life, it was based at the now-defunct Scream bar on the Brayford waterfront.
It then moved to Scy nightclub on Mint Street – a place Yo-Yo has called home for just over a year.
Regardless of the venue, some of my favourite memories from my formative years have been had beneath the Yo-Yo banner – a veritable smorgasbord of love and loss through a haze of whiskey and cigarette smoke.
Many would even argue that Yo-Yo completely re-shaped the clubbing landscape of Lincoln. Nine years ago when the brand first came to the city, bars and clubs were dominated by cheesy pop and hard house.
Yo-Yo offered a harder edge injecting the latest rock and indie releases alongside classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
So it is with great regret that I write my column this week – with the news that this Saturday will see the final Yo-Yo in its current form with the club night looking for a new home.
"Sadly, we have learnt this week that our time promoting Yo-Yo at Scy is coming to an end," says founder, promoter and resident DJ Andi Yoyo.
"This means that this Saturday will be our last indie night at the club.
"We understand that the club is undergoing a change of direction at weekends, introducing a more commercial line-up.
"Sadly, despite the great run of success at the club with our last event on Saturday December 4 selling out, Yo-Yo doesn’t seem to fit into Scy’s plans for 2011 and we’ve been asked to leave.
"We know this will upset a lot of people – but the decision has not been ours and until we actually own a club in Lincoln rather than promoting Yo-Yo in someone else’s club, we’ll always be answerable to management and owner’s decisions.
"Obviously, we have too much of a following in Lincoln which has built up over the last nine years to stop Yo-Yo altogether.
"Now, the search for a new venue in Lincoln has begun.
"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Scy for giving us a home for the last year and wish them good luck with their new plans.
"We hope to see everyone at our last night at Scy on Mint Street this Saturday."
The final Yo-Yo at Scy night club will take place this Saturday with a festive Christmas theme.
Andi will be playing hits from a host of bands and artists including The Drums, The Libertines, The Strokes, Blur, Pulp and The Smiths.
The night starts at 10.30pm with doors closing at around 3am. Search for the event on Facebook and put your name on the guest list for discounted entry.
The Echo will announce any new Yo-Yo dates at alternative venues. But until then, see you on Saturday for, as it stands, the last-ever installment of a Lincoln institution.
And just one last note to any club promoters out there – one of Lincoln’s strongest and most experienced clubbing commodities is now back on the market.

Ryan Butcher (Lincoln Echo)

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